The options available are: –

Home Consultation

During the Home Consultation, Stage it Wight will visit your property to discuss in detail how Home Staging can work for you.

The consultation enables you as the home owner to showcase your home, Stage It Wight can then verbally offer expert guidance on how you can achieve the most from your asset. Timescales and budgets will be considered in order to help develop a strategy that suits your individual circumstances.

Cost: £70.00

Home Consultation with Report

A detailed package comprising of a comprehensive report of recommendations related to décor, garden areas, furniture, accessories, personal effects, room-layout, repairs and updates.

If the report identifies areas of improvement then generalised recommendations will be given for required purchases. Specific items can be sourced for you via Stage It Wight ‘shopping service’.

Your report will also detail an estimate of costs, a programme of works, contacts for local trades and services, useful guides and templates to prepare for viewings.

£100.00 for a Studio Flat/one room

£125.00 for a 1-2 bedroom property

£150.00 for a 3-4 bedroom property

Add £20.00 for each additional bedroom thereafter

An assessment is usually required at your initial Consultation to determine whether further Home Staging services may be required. However, if you know that your home needs to be de-cluttered and requires ‘finishing touches’ we can make a start on the day of your Consultation.

Photo Consultation

The Photo Consultation is similar to the Home Consultation however; recommendations are based on photographs which you provide of your property.

This service requires you providing quality images of each room and any additional information which may be relevant. A questionnaire will be sent to you to complete with a follow up phone call from Stage it Wight if necessary.

With your consent Stage it Wight can work on your property via your approved estate agencies images/ website link.

£40.00 for a Studio Flat/one room

£75.00 for a 1-2 bedroom property

£100,00 for a 3-4 bedroom property

De-cluttering and Home Presentation

Dependent on your needs and preferences, Stage it Wight can support you in your home, with either de-cluttering and/or home presentation (Staging).

During your initial Home Consultation, this may be highlighted as a need or service you may wish to consider in order to realise your homes true potential.

Stage It Wight can assist you to sell, donate, organise or dispose of all items that you no longer require.

This service will help you identify your belongings which will enhance your property and help the ‘staging’ process. I will also take the opportunity to check the implementation of your consultation report, as effective execution of the initial consultation is vital to success.

£25 an hour (minimum order of 2 hours)

£125 for a day (minimum 6 hours)

Shopping Service

Following either a Home or Photo Consultation, Stage it Wight can produce a customised shopping list with recommended purchases for your home. Detailed within this list will be product names, order or reservation numbers, prices and store or web locations.

Although the objective is to select items which will appeal to the home-buying public, clients often take these items to their next home. Stage it Wight will always try to select items which suit your own tastes as much as possible.

£50.00 for a Studio Flat/one room

£85.00 for a 1-2 bedroom property

£110.00 for a 3-4 bedroom property

Add £15.00 for each additional bedroom thereafter

Purchase your photos

Stage it Wight will be happy to provide a disk of photographs taken of your home.

Release portfolio of your property – £10.00 admin charge.

Benefits include:

Referring to the photos, allows you to easily maintain or recreate the Home Staged look.

You can forward the photos to your Estate Agent to use in media and their agency windows.

You can loan them to friends and family to show them how they could stage their own home.

You can use them for inspiration to style your new home or should you move again

No matter where you live in the UK, I can help you to sell, rent or home-swap your property through my photo consultation, all you need is a camera and the internet.

My on-site services (at your home) are currently available anywhere on the Isle of Wight. Please check for availability.

And if you are unsure about which service(s) you may need, just email via the contact page, with your questions or call me direct on 07811 374 690.  I can do as little or as much as you need me to.